Brande Wilkerson

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I like to call myself a time traveler. I love to pull inspiration from the past into the present, with a focus on the future. I like my creations to invoke a vision of the timeline of life. I encourage the viewer to assess the space we presently occupy and consider the space we will occupy in the future. We determine the paths of our future by the decisions we make today. Some of my pieces provoke an interactive response in a multi-sensory way. This invites interaction with the power to change a current position. I call my work a study of time travel, we all have the power to change something for the future. When the viewer encounters my work, I hope they see many options and opportunities.

Some of my inspirations are space travel, industrial architecture, digital technology and mid-century design. I was raised by an accomplished art instructor so creating was natural to me. I am self-taught (by infusion of heritage) in multidisciplinary mediums of paper art, construction sculpture technique, assemblage, mural design, concept development, painting, multi-sensory, installation art and more.


Assemblage Le'Femme Compartmental Sculpture
Mixed Media
34" x 20" x 3"

Omicron Costume Headgear
foam & silicone
14" x 20" x 1"

Magellan Interactive Wall Sculpture
Steel multi-sensory
36" x 19" x 1"

Properties II Abstract Wall Sculpture
Acrylic glass on MDF
47" x 30" x 4"