Carly Dahl

My work focuses on the ideas and ideals of beauty and unattainable representations of women in society. The “perfect” figures within the artwork symbolize the distorted Western beauty standards. Just as prohibitive social expectations of women can limit their identity, others can find freedom in the ability to control representations of self. These artworks psychologically present the pressures and identities women face. The images feature blank faces so the viewer can project herself or others onto the figures. The artwork references figurative depictions in fashion media and popular cultural sources and is representative of the visual messaging surrounding contemporary women. These works imbue the original aesthetics of the source imagery and add my hand as a personal connection to the subject matter.


Monarch No. 1
Acrylic on wood panel
29" x 23.5"

Monarch No. 4
Acrylic on wood panel
30" x 24"

Cover Girl No. 3
Acrylic on canvas
14" x 11"

Cover Girl No. 7
Acrylic on canvas
24" x 18"