Elizabeth Weber

  • Artist website: https://mysoulspath.com/

These works come from that space of knowing from deep within that seasons have important work in the earth and in ourselves. The importance of polarity. That you can’t experience light without having lived through darkness. That need to cocoon, close oneself off from the noise and influence of everything around you to metamorph, and to emerge changed and more beautiful for having surrendered to it.

In my paintings I start from blackness. In this way, I can reach deep inside that internal space to pull what is trying to emerge out. Allow it to crack open the black space and emerge in brilliant light. The process of transfiguration.

In my sculptures I start from that space that provides the darkness, the shelter. The space that allows the transformation, the metamorphosis, the shedding, so that new growth and change can happen. Exploring the process of transmutation.

These works come from that space of knowing the woods intimately. Both the external forests and the ones that grow within me where my shadows reside. The knowing that silence is not always quiet. The space of reflection. The space of wonder and transformation.


Forest Sanctuary
long leaf pine needles, waxed thread, driftwood
13" x 26" x 13"

Haven Spun (Grouping)
copper wire, wool, air dry clay
sizes vary

A Mason Bee Memoir
leather, acrylic, leather dye, handmade paper, ink
7" x 6" x 3"

I See Your Soul in a Thousand Stars
acrylic on canvas
72" x 36"