Heidi Carlsen-Rogers

  • Artist website: https://www.heidicarlsenrogers.com/home

Thread cascades from my floral tapestries, as if nature itself is unraveling.

Using floral photography, tapestry and thread, I make textile “gardens” where over-scaled flowers, symbolizing both the natural world & our humanity, are fraying and coming undone. The garden tapestries represent the blurred, interconnectedness of our natural, social, political & emotional environments—all fragile, weakened, in need of care and solutions for repair.

Concerns about our wellbeing as a culture, environmental harm, racial injustice, political division, fragmentation and growing lack of empathy conflicts with my hope for a healed and more equitable world. The flower tapestries, with thread spilling out are a metaphor for what I observe coming apart in the world. Within the tapestries, beauty and destruction often hold the same space.

Dismantled areas speak to how environments have been coming undone “one thread at a time,” while additive threads, stitching, patchwork are intended as gestures of mending; the handwork, an act of restoration and healing by human touch.

Weeds, wildflowers, leaves with insect holes, florals with bent stems, missing petals and faded blossoms sit alongside perfect blooms, marking the gardens as inclusive spaces. Beauty is redefined; the overlooked share a place of equal importance. The human-sized flowers invite us closer to reflect on their beauty, fragility and consider our place in community with them and one other.

These tapestries signify the reimagining of a new “garden”/world—a renewed sense of place where safety, equity, understanding, kindness, love is cultivated, and all have potential to flourish.


GATHER (Sacred Conversation)
Woven tapestry, cotton, polyester, viscose thread, hand-dyed cotton cord
80" x 153"

UNDONE (Meet Me in the Garden)
Woven tapestry, cotton, polyester, viscose thread
91" x 101"

OUTPOURING (Meet Me in the Garden)
Woven tapestry, cotton, polyester, viscose thread, hand-dyed cotton cord
91" x 102"

NIP TUCK (By a Thread)
Woven tapestry, cotton, polyester, viscose thread
50" x 70"