Jessica Mongeon

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My artwork is an invitation for viewers to encounter nature through the lens of my experiences and imagination. I often include circular brushstrokes that evoke the striations found in mushrooms, geodes, bisected tree trunks or shells. I am fascinated by the visual similarities found in nature, including within the human body. For example, a branching fractal pattern can be found in human veins, neurons, tree branches, river deltas and lichen. By combining these observations, I demonstrate how humans and nature are interconnected.

These paintings are inspired by my experiences with motherhood and pregnancy as the mother of two children. After my son’s birth I made prints of the placenta and umbilical cord by pressing them onto pieces of paper. I was amazed by the size and complexity of this temporary organ that my body produced to sustain the life of my child. I created a silkscreen by tracing the placenta print, which forms the unifying element of these paintings, printed in a light green hue, and camouflaged with lichen, mosses and mushrooms in an imaginary environment. My recent work features illustrations of mammary glands amid fields of flowers to celebrate breastfeeding and the role of mothers in the cycle of life.


Acrylic on canvas
30" x 30" x 1.5"

Tidal Moon
Acrylic on Arches paper
22" x 26"

The Source
Acrylic on cradled wood panel
26" x 26" x 1"

Life Cycle
Acrylic Gouache on Arches paper
16" x 20"