Karlyn Holloway

  • Artist website: https://www.karlynholloway.com/

My inspiration comes from the stories all around us. Everything has a story, your grandmother's quilt, the flowers in the yard, and the relationships we have with family and friends. The people we take the time to listen to and the books we read—our travels. They all teach valuable lessons about life. Each line or stroke shows a passage of time and a lesson learned. The message I seek to convey is that the world around us has a story to tell if we view it with our imagination and heart.

Studying art history and my quest for knowledge about different mediums and techniques has been a constant theme in my life. Drawing is the foundation of my work and I have been practicing since I was a young child, and throughout school, where I would draw friends and movie stars out of magazines. I like to work in different mediums including oil, watercolor, pencil and charcoal. Capturing the details and the shadow patterns are a challenge and the most fun. The subject and quality of light in my reference help me determine which medium to use. My paintings are a mixture of realism with a little fantasy thrown in at times.


Family Gold
Oil on canvas
24" x 36"

I See You
Oil on canvas
10" x 10"

Magic Threads
11" x 14"

The Legacy
Oil on canvas
16" x 20"