Kristen Franyutti

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Viewing my work transports the viewer into an illusory world of biomorphic forms inspired by recent innovations in applied science, the human body and its surroundings. The work depicts a future ecosystem of genetically modified otherworldly elements. A world in which the inhabitants are hybridizations and mutations of our ecosystem's micro/macro realm. Reminiscent of biological systems gone awry, my work becomes a commentary on contemporary living and capitalism but also embraces the decorative. These microcosmic drawings and sculptures create a scene of fact and fiction, invoking a sense of science fiction of corybantic mutations between natural and manmade components. Furthermore, my work's unabashed embrace of ornament and decoration embraces the American Pattern and Decoration movement of the 1970s, with its feminist-inspired focus on craft-based materials and emphasis on the domestic. With a background in fashion design, my pieces use labor-intensive techniques, such as sewing, threading and hand beading that reference the female body, personal experience and domesticity. The overall compositions create a kind of mythical landscape that simultaneously attempts to connect many elements into inescapably fragmented and elusive narratives.


Mixed media
12' x 3' x 10'

Prickly Pear
Acrylic, canvas, burlap fringe trim, metal
47" x 96"

The Cell
Thread, glass beads, acrylic, gouache, graphite, pen on paper
35.75" x 27"

Bouquet #2
Gouache, pen, acrylic, washi paper
12" x 15"