Lisa Thorpe

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I am a storyteller and art maker. Art quilting is my main medium. The use of stitch is connected to being a doer—something I learned from my fore-mothers—the way that making a bed-quilt, a garment or a meal could be both necessity and creative expression at the same time. Over the years, I have been a painter, printer, graphic designer and collage maker, but the medium that keeps calling me back is fabric and stitch. The etymology of the words “textile" and “text” comes from the root texere, meaning “to weave.” My art weaves a story, some are complex Again and Again We Are Invited In, others as seemingly simple as Ask Nothing. My imagery is personal but speaks to the universal human condition of trying to live a life of meaning.

With my work, I hope to create a spark for each viewer to take the story in their own direction. If an image sticks, ideas prick and prod, an opening is made in how the stories are seen and told. With more stories and perspectives added to the pantheon, we widen and strengthen warp and weft of the complex textile that is human existence. I want my art to tear the world apart, then lovingly stitch it back together—bolder, brighter. In hope that we may be more open to the woes and joys as we add our thread to the larger tapestry of human expression.


Again and Again We Are Invited In
Mixed Media Fabric and Stitch
36" x 70"

No Mud No Lotus
Mixed Media Fabric and Stitch
37" x 53"

Shadow Me
Mixed Media Fabric and Stitch
42" x 50"

Ask Nothing
Mixed Media Fabric and Stitch
18" x 24"