Louise Halsey

  • Artist website: https://louisehalsey.com/

As the reality of climate change becomes evident with the pandemic, huge amounts of rainfall, more tornadoes and a variety of disruptions to daily life, I find shelter in my studio. It is there that I can consider my need to calm the chaos or to reflect what is happening around me. Working with yarns, my loom and designs of my own imagining, I weave tapestries. Some are small abstractions, while others are slightly larger and use the simplified image of a house, as the center amidst catastrophes. For the span of time when I am weaving, life slows, my focus is narrowed and my anxiety is momentarily placed on the back burner.


Riding High
Wool weft on linen warp/tapestry
10.75" x 10" x 1.25"

Wool weft on linen warp/tapestry
13.75" x 30.5" x 1.5"

Red Tide/Red Smoke
Wool/mixed fibers weft/linen warp
17.25" x 29" x 1.75"

What Lies Beneath
Handspun wool weft/linen warp tapestry
33" x 33" x 1.5"