Lynnette Watts

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I grew up in the Delta—Forrest City, Ark. My father was a farmer and my mother a school teacher and musician. This provided a home full of music surrounded by acres of inspiration. I studied art at SCA (now UCA), ASU, UALR and finally—to my parent's delight—graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. In my art career, I've worked in pastels, charcoal, oils and clay. I exhibited and sold clay works at Heights Gallery in the late ‘90s and had one piece receive Honorable Mention in the Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center.

I have long been intrigued with color and detail. Early on, in experimenting with color in my two-dimensional work, I was most interested in letting the color speak without line defining the object – an abstract, organic approach. Later, in my clay sculptures, I found myself acutely sensitive to detail and avoiding allowing color to define the subject.

Throughout life, religion—and the study of religions—has occupied much time and thought. I was raised in a Southern Baptist home; discovered Native American, Buddhist and Hindu traditions and symbolism in my college years; then married a devout Catholic and was introduced to yet more traditions and symbols. All of these faith traditions find their way into my current art form of shrine building. In working with recycled and repurposed materials, I find my interest in color, line, detail, religious tradition and symbols all come together—to complete the whole. I do not see these shrines as religious items, rather I see them as invitations for contemplation and thus places of reflection for the viewer. My shrines draw from a lifetime of observations, meditations, and contemplations—all presented with a little dose of whimsy.


An Imperfect Offering
Mixed media
6' x 30"

It's a Crap Shoot
Mixed media
6' x 16" x 16"

When Pigs Fly
Mixed media
44.5" x 39.5" x 18"

Ocean Springs
Mixed media
22" x 9.75" x 5"