Robin Miller-Bookhout

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As an Arkansas artist, I have been fortunate to develop my personal artwork and continually grow as an artist, art educator, and patron of the arts. My joie de vivre is painting, creating artworks, and teaching and sharing my knowledge with my colleagues and students.

As a practicing artist, I am partial to watercolors, my first love, because of their spontaneity and free spirit although I do enjoy all art media. I am always open and flexible to experimenting and solving artistic problems. 

I feel strongly that good composition, through understanding the elements and principles of art, is key to successful works of art.

As a contemporary landscape artist, the themes in my artwork resonate of God’s creations, respect for nature, art of the heart and soul, as well as, still-life and historic preservation of architecture. I am a continual seeker of art opportunities, while enjoying plein air studies, art adventures, traveling and photographing places I visit, which are later utilized in my art studio. These opportunities have driven my art and myself through this wonderful journey.


Quiet Waters
22" x 28"

Lasting Impressions of Joy and Peace
9" x 12"

Cottonwoods, Sycamores, and Friends
Winsor Newton Watercolors
12" x 9"

Sunrise Blessing - Walk By Faith
Winsor Newton Watercolors and Oil Pastels
14" x 11"