"A Deeper Acquaintance" "A Deeper Acquaintance"
"Grazing Persimmons" "Grazing Persimmons"
"Birds, Butterflies, and a Bear" "Birds, Butterflies, and a Bear"
"Ozark Elegance" "Ozark Elegance"
"A Deeper Acquaintance""Grazing Persimmons""Birds, Butterflies, and a Bear""Ozark Elegance"

A Deeper Acquaintance


14″ x 11″

Grazing Persimmons


12″ x 9″

Birds, Butterflies, and a Bear


16″ x 20″

Ozark Elegance


24″ x 12″

Diana Harvey


The artist’s unique biography reveals the sources and inspirations that find expression in her original body of work. Growing up in a US Air Force family, she experienced much of the world and it’s cultures. The most formative for her was the two years she was able to spend studying great art in the Prado Museum of Madrid. On her way to a life’s work in museums, she received a degree in archaeology and art history, but then discovered the creative joy of making art. With the encouragement of her sculptor husband, she plunged into studio work. Her discerning eye was ahead of working skills, but with determination, workshops with master artists, and above all, long hours in the studio, she built a successful career. Her goal is simple. To be beautiful is enough.