"Big Flat" "Big Flat"
"Big Flat"

Big Flat


11″ x 14″


Janet Gade-Malone


I am a photographer, a collector and an artist. I collect images of interesting and unusual objects,and landscapes to use in my photographic illustrations with my camera. My work comes from my mind, camera, heart and soul. Seeing my visions on paper is an amazing accomplishment and makes me want to create again and again. I am happiest when I am taking photos or editing them. A finished print may contain several photos that I have taken, yet some photos I take will not be edited digitally because I feel that I have captured my vision without digital enhancements. As a child I would sit and look at photographs for hours. Maybe this is how I developed my creative vision? At the age of five I knew that I wanted to be a photographer when I saw a movie about Ansel Adams. The works of Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Linda McCartney, Angela Cartwright and Annie Leibovitz have influenced me and my photographic vision.