"La Correspondance"
"Ventana Isabelina" "Ventana Isabelina"
"Sea Creature 1" "Sea Creature 1"
"Underwater Warrior Plate V" "Underwater Warrior Plate V"
"La Correspondance""Ventana Isabelina""Sea Creature 1""Underwater Warrior Plate V"

La Correspondance

Mixed Media

73″ x 45″ x 95″

Ventana Isabelina

Mixed Media

45″ x 12″ x 2″

Sea Creature

Intaglio Print (Several Copper Plate Etching Techniques and Collage)

9.25″ x 9.25″

Underwater Warrior Plate V

Intaglio Print (Several Copper Plate Etching Techniques and Collage)

12.875″ x 7.5″

Kristin DeGeorge

Kristin DeGeorge has woven, sewn and crafted materials as long as she can remember. This unstoppable creator (born in US, 1964) has a passion for language that led her early on to Spain and France, whose artistic traditions, customs and landscapes have deeply influenced her work. DeGeorge studied Fine Arts with painters such as Emma Amos and Joan Semmel at Mason Gross School of the Arts, (New Jersey, USA) receiving her Bachelors of Arts from Rutgers University (1983-87). In Barcelona, she studied design and printing (fabric, paper) at EINA Escola de Disseny (1989-91), where she worked with great artists and designers such as Rosa Tarruella, Patricio Vélez and Claret Serrahima. She became involved in the “Barcelona Posat Guapa” campaign as coordinator of Chromatic Research for the “Las Façanas de la Rambla” under the direction of architect Josep-Emili Hernández-Cros (1991-92). DeGeorge works with master printer Ivan Araujo in Madrid and currently lives in Hot Springs and Montpellier. She is a member of the ASP and the Arkansas Arts Council Registry.

One of her most emblematic exhibitions is “Coffee Break, Tertulia en Imágenes” (1994), U.S. Embassy, Madrid. Permanent collections include The Arkansas Arts Council, Spanish National Library, U.S. Embassy, Madrid, Café de Colombia, Oracle and others.