"Body: Flesh and Bone" "Body: Flesh and Bone"
"Formation: Excavation Transformation" "Formation: Excavation Transformation"
"Formation: Landmass-Coordinates" "Formation: Landmass-Coordinates"
"Body: Flesh and Bone""Formation: Excavation Transformation""Formation: Landmass-Coordinates"

Body: Flesh and Bone

Graphite on Paper

Installation with varied dimensions

Formation: Excavation-Transformation

Acrylic on Linen

48″ x 36″

Formation: Landmass-Coordinates

Acrylic on Linen

38″ x 38″


LaDawna Whiteside

Body: Flesh and Bone
Drawing Installation:
5 parts, varied dimensions

Body: Flesh and Bone is an abstract, genderless, figurative drawing composition. Figure drawing requires that one look at shape relationships to construct form. Whether it is toward the goals of form, function or both, most everyone has the capacity to build a body to a certain degree. We are each given a starting point or framework that can be transformed into a version that is healthy or not, based on personal quests and decisions. In my recent drawing Body: Flesh and Bone, graphite is used to create line and form on paper. Paper with graphite lines forming rounded arcs recalls the curved lines forming to muscle fibers. Each drawing starts with a predetermined length and width and then line work begins in vertical and horizontal repetition.

Formation Painting Series:
Landscape abstraction continues to be the primary focus of my artwork. My recent series, Formation, recalls the familiar geological landscape where I live in the Central United States. Arkansas, the natural state, is known for its landscape and natural beauty. To me, abstract painting allows me to visually dissect the landscape and provides an opportunity to communicate through sensory experiences. As my paintings take form, my relationship with the earth continues to evolve over time.