"Ozark Landscape, Late Summer" "Ozark Landscape, Late Summer"
"Plow the Good Earth" "Plow the Good Earth"
"View from Afar" "View from Afar"
"A Landscape Seen (Reflected)" "A Landscape Seen (Reflected)"
"Ozark Landscape, Late Summer""Plow the Good Earth""View from Afar""A Landscape Seen (Reflected)"

Ozark Landscape, Late Summer

Mixed Media on Paper with Stitching

30″ x 40″

Plow the Good Earth

Acrylic on Hardboard Panel with 3-D Printed Bees

38′ x 72′

View From Afar

Acrylic on Linen with Stitching

30″ x 40″

A Landscape Seen (Reflected)

Acrylic on Linen with Stitching

60″ x 40″

Laura Terry


My paintings idealize the landscape. I am not interested in the picturesque. I am interested in the patterns of nature, of seasons, and of human intervention. The landscapes I paint are a result of how those patterns shape the world. Dualities are inherent in these cycles: dark and light, chaos and order, organic and synthetic. These dualities provide balance in my work. They shift the pendulum of my view near and distant, detailed and blurred. My eyes are cameras with lenses both microscopic and wide-angled. I record the landscape observant of these opposites and paint to measure the differences. Each mark tells a different story of the same landscape. The landscape reveals another fiction I intend to capture.