"Church of the Blue Sky" "Church of the Blue Sky"
"Aged Ginkgo" "Aged Ginkgo"
"The Misunderstood Tree" "The Misunderstood Tree"
"Portrait of a Legend" "Portrait of a Legend"
"Church of the Blue Sky""Aged Ginkgo""The Misunderstood Tree""Portrait of a Legend"

Church of the Blue Sky

Oil on Canvas

24″ x 18″

Aged Ginkgo

Colored Pencil on Paper

30.5″ x 22.5″

The Misunderstood Tree

Colored Pencil on Paper

36″ x 55.5″

Portrait of a Legend

Colored Pencil on Paper

22″ x 30″

Linda Williams Palmer

I’ve focused primarily on interpreting and celebrating the varied facets of Arkansas landscapes with my art for the last 40 years. I’ve always been drawn to nature and the landscape emotionally, spiritually and artistically. Trees weave through much of my art. Some so personal, I call them tree portraits. I think an interesting composition should be the foundation for any drawing and I enjoy playing the realistic against the abstract in all my compositions. I’ve recently become fascinated by the rural churches in Arkansas, some abandoned, some still worshiped in, but all with a history I hope to capture in my paintings. “The Church of the Blue Sky” is an example. Every day I can work in my studio is a good day! – Linda Williams Palmer