"Caddo Inspired Pot" "Caddo Inspired Pot"
"Chocolate Pot Set/Delftware" "Chocolate Pot Set/Delftware"
"Human Effigies" "Human Effigies"
"Caddo Inspired Pot""Chocolate Pot Set/Delftware""Human Effigies"

Caddo Inspired Pot

Pit Fired Earthenware Clay

15″h x 17″d

Chocolate Pot Set/Delftware

Earthenware Clay/Glaze


Human Effigies

Earthenware Clay with Slip


Lisa Crews


Some of my best work pays homage to pottery from the past. Learning to recreate historic native pottery and delftware has informed the rest of my work in clay.
I get a great deal of inspiration from the natural world and hope to convey an appreciation for the beauty and mystery of nature.
My quirkier work is an indication of my goofy sense of humor and my weird observations of the human condition.