"Day in Bar Harbor, Maine" "Day in Bar Harbor, Maine"
"Natural Bridge, Clinton, Arkansas" "Natural Bridge, Clinton, Arkansas"
"Natural Bridge, Eureka Springs, Arkansas" "Natural Bridge, Eureka Springs, Arkansas"
"Yellowstone's Monarch" "Yellowstone's Monarch"
"Day in Bar Harbor, Maine""Natural Bridge, Clinton, Arkansas""Natural Bridge, Eureka Springs, Arkansas""Yellowstone's Monarch"

Day in Bar Harbor, Maine

Oil on Canvas

22″ x 28″

Natural Bridge, Clinton, Arkansas


18″ x 24″

Natural Bridge, Eureka Springs, Arkansas


16″ x 20″

Yellowstone’s Monarch


24″ x 36″

Mary Ann King

Each painting by Mary Ann King reflects a genuine aspect of her life. They tell stories of memories and desires that have been intensely present along the path that she has taken.
Being born in Monticello, Arkansas in 1948 to cotton and soybean farmers, Henry Clay and Alma Collins, gave Mary Ann the opportunity to experience nature in a very tangible way. She remembers walking barefoot in the long, cool, furrows as her daddy plowed the ground with his mule “Ole Jake”. She grew to love the outdoors…the fresh air, beautiful trees, wildflowers, and mouth-watering fruits and vegetables her parents harvested each year. It was there she acquired a reverent respect for the God who created such a lovely world, and her love for art began.
Mary Ann is a realist painter and works exclusively in oils, watercolor, and acrylic.
For several years Mary Ann has entered juried art shows. She has learned much about the art scene through these experiences, and many paintings have been chosen to be a part of these exhibits.
Creating the beauty of nature is the driving force behind Mary Ann’s art. “God’s creation sings out life and peace continually and I want to be a part of it all”, says Mary Ann. She feels that she must create, and she always has a painting in progress.