"Dewzies" "Dewzies"
"Endangered Sloth" "Endangered Sloth"
"Chelsy Afloat" "Chelsy Afloat"
"Dewzies""Endangered Sloth""Chelsy Afloat"


Alcohol Ink

9″ x 11″

Endangered Sloth

Alcohol Ink

5″ x 7″

Chelsy Afloat

Oil Pastel

14″ x 16″


Maureen Rousseau

It should make you smile and stir your curiosity. Living in the present I love to get into my zone and let the subject ‘become’. I begin with an idea, a dream, a plan… but am always excited to see how the medium interprets the plan as it evolves. I cannot be tied to one medium and enjoy diving into many including watercolor, oil, alcohol ink, oil pastel, Chinese brush watercolor, acrylic, and clay.
I’m passionate about endangered plants and animals worldwide and paint to raise awareness for them. Our treasured pets are also often my subjects, rendered mainly in alcohol ink.
I studied graphic design and art education in college at Henderson State University and pursued a career in graphic design. Following retirement three years ago I began painting and haven’t stopped. Joining several local art groups and attending numerous workshops has led me through a delightful three years of artistic growth and sharing with others, as I have learned.
I’m so happy to be part of such a wonderful art community in central Arkansas. I’ve been gifted so much encouragement from fellow artists locally, nationally and internationally. I have settled in for the long run and look forward to what is to come, how I will grow and the smiles I can bring to the hearts who see.