"Along the Byway" "Along the Byway"
"Eucalyptus and Palm" "Eucalyptus and Palm"
"Field Beyond" "Field Beyond"
"Morning Glory" "Morning Glory"
"Along the Byway""Eucalyptus and Palm""Field Beyond""Morning Glory"

Along the Byway

Soft Pastel

12″ x 16″

Eucalyptus and Palm

Soft Pastel

12″ x 12″

Field Beyond

Soft Pastel

11″ x 14″

Morning Glory

Soft Pastel

9″ x 12″

Shirley Anderson

I paint from nature and want to capture the beauty of the creation around me. Much of my work is now created on location, which gives me the truest sense of the patterns of light and shadows, as well as my interpretation of colors. I have now enjoyed plein aire painting in Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and California as well as in Spain and France and have found special places everywhere. I am indeed developing a greater appreciation of the vibrancy evoked by painting “en plein aire”.