ACNMWA Internship

Each year the Arkansas Committee selects an Arkansas woman student attending an Arkansas university or college to receive a stipend to collaborate with a mentor working in an Arkansas museum, gallery or arts institution. The internship is designed to give the student an opportunity to learn about and make contributions to the cultural life of Arkansas while enriching her Program of Study related to the advancement of fine arts, art history or arts administration. Chosen from numerous applicants, the internship has enabled recipients to pursue real-life work experiences in the arts.

To issue a $2,000 stipend to an outstanding woman student in an Arkansas institution of higher learning who wants to learn about and make contributions to the cultural life of Arkansas.

This unconditional stipend is granted according to the recipient’s stated internship goals, advance communication and planning with the collaborative arts institution, and provided proof of institutional availability to participate in the partnership. The $2,000 stipend is made directly to the intern. A $500 support stipend is made directly to the collaborating institution. The recipient is required to complete a consent form giving ACNMWA permission to disseminate her name, provided photograph, and internship project information for publicity and educational purposes. The recipient is required to complete a W-9 form for ACNMWA tax purposes and is responsible for any personal tax obligations under federal and state tax laws.  ACNMWA reserves the right not to issue the award in any given year.

1. Applicant must be 18 years of age or older and have resided in the state for at least one year.
2. Previous Arkansas Committee Intern recipient are ineligible.
3. Current family members of Arkansas Committee board members are ineligible.
4. Applicant must pre-contact/collaboratively organize the internship project with the institution

5. Applicant must provide proof of institutional availability and participation by supplying the institutional mentor contact information and a description of the proposed collaborative project

6. Recipient may use the stipend for any expense: transportation, meals/lodging, child care, etc.

7. Recipient must complete the project within the calendar year of receiving the stipend.

8. Recipient must submit a report of how the stipend was used to the ACNMWA Internship Committee.
9. Recipient must make an oral presentation to the ACNMWA Board of Directors upon the culmination of the project.


The deadline to apply is December 31. The award is announced February 1.

ACNMWA Internship Application

  • In 250 words or less, write a brief bio, identifying your major and Program of Study.
  • Identify the collaborating institution, its location, and its mission. List the contact information of the institutional mentor who will supervise the internship.
  • List previous awards in these areas: include award titles, dates received and amounts received.
  • Describe the project or program you and the collaborating institution mentor have discussed for the internship; explain how it will enrich your educational growth and be mutually beneficial for the institution.
  • List the contact information of two personal references; one reference must be associated with your major or Program of Study.

  • Deadline for Internship Submissions: December 31 of each year beginning in 2020
  • With my signature I certify that I meet the eligibility criteria for the ACNMWA Internship, that all facts and representations are correct, and that I will complete the internship instructions and requirements within the stated time period.


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Optional Arts Institutions and Organizations

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