Danielle Hatch

I work in the disciplines of performance, installation, and sculpture to explore what lies underneath the surface of domesticity. Using materials related to home-making and home-building—upholstery, text, PVC, reclaimed wood—I seek to render feminine lived experience in tactile ways, exploring womanhood as an identity constructed through narrative. My sculptures often navigate identity formation through the lens of knowledge and expectations passed from one generation to the next, connecting the body with the built environment or the landscape, literature with self. Through performances and site-specific installations, I work to name and make visible the underlying structures we’ve built that prevent women from authentically expressing ourselves, and to complicate how we imagine the interior lives of mothers, the intimate power that resounds in friendships between women.

All The Soarings Of My Mind Begin In My Blood

Digital Print from Video Performance Stills

But An Uncertain Mind Is An Open Mind

Mixed Media (Bible, thread, gilded frame)
36″ x 36″ x 12″


Mixed (reclaimed wood, paper and thread)
62″ x 40″ x 30″

And I Am Here

Paper, thread, armature