Diana Shearon

Searching for Light
Drawing and painting are a passion in my life. As a little girl I would beg to be given the white butcher paper wrappings from my mother on which I would draw and color for hours. My first drawing lesson was in 1st grade in a rural Midwest schoolroom. Mrs. Olsen drew an elephant on the chalkboard using letters of the alphabet! I was thrilled to learn how to take those lines to create an image! My frequent request for Christmas was a set of acrylic paints from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog (which I did finally receive when I was sixteen). After many years of working in the graphic design and photography field I have been able to return to the studio and continue continue.
On quiet days in my studio I search through my still life shelves and set up something that pleases my eye or work from one of my landscape references. When ever possible I try to go out into the field and plein air paint. My studies from the outdoors provide a great source of inspiration. I am always continuing to search new approaches and techniques through workshops with artists that inspire me.
Sun Dipped

16″ x 20″


12″ x 16″

Buffalo River at Jasper

24″ x 30″