Jessie Hornbrook

J. M. Hornbrook
A Murmur, A Moment

The space between objects and the potential to contain, the kinetic idea of holding and of enclosure; vessels exist in many iterations.

Fragile Japanese papers are often contrasted with dense German etching cotton rag and paired with layers of both transparent ink and bold gesticular marks to create my printed media. Digital and hand-drawn forms are discovered ranging from biological to the mundane. These anthropomorphs are distorted as they move through waves and ripples of colors and textures, and are juxtaposed with static architecture as monuments to the Feminine.

Through this work, I extract the unlikely beauty from the evolution and sometimes decay of physical forms. Delicate and detailed anatomical images are juxtaposed with abstracted forms made of motion, reflecting the ethereal versus the permanent.

Decay: Antelope Totem

Lithography, Serigraphy, Gold Leaf, Graphite
41″ x 23″

Arc of My Shoulder & Six Ellipses (Diptych)

Wood Lithography, Spirograph
30″ x 44″

Milk and Honey

Screen Print
15″ x 11″

The Vacuum and The Bell Jar

Wood Lithography and Graphite
36″ x 19.5″