Susan Chambers

The garden is the place that I go to create. It has been my subject matter for many years and it has become a metaphor that continues to nurture my personal vision. In my garden, I start my images by drawing from direct observation but strive for a fluid process between perception and imagination. My compositions are built with pattern, flattened space and contrasting, saturated color. Recurring objects and plants have become my personal symbols and aesthetic vocabulary.

Gardens are transitory – affected by changes in the environment and the life of the gardener. The more that I work and paint in my garden, the more that I learn about my self and my connection to the earth.

End of Summer

Acrylic on paper
15″ x 21″

Summer Morning

Acrylic on canvas
36″ x 48″

Wisteria Spring

Acrylic on canvas
48″ x 30″

Summer Zucchini

Acrylic on linen
36″ x 48″