Tessa Davidson

My work is a blend of contemporary and traditional—combining performance, video, sound, and representational oil painting. I am inspired by historic forms of the human figure, particularly when the figure is integrated into sacred art. Symbolic gestures, objects, and rituals of Medieval and Renaissance art heavily influence my subject matter. I create visual puns and riddles through odd juxtapositions of everyday objects. I use the language of humor and absurdity on my pilgrimage for the sacred and profound. My work provides me with poetic soil to contemplate my spiritual faith while navigating the tensions of religion, theology, and contemporary culture.

Oil on linen
30″ x 40″


Oil on linen
36″ x 48″

Altar Ego: Over, Under, From, For

Performance, video
5 min 23 sec

Thirty Bathrooms

Oil on panel; video
Thirty 8″x8″ panels (45″x54″ installed), 2 videos: 10 min loop