The Arkansas State Committee of NMWA

ACNMWA is a nonprofit statewide volunteer organization begun in 1989 to advocate for the new National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., and women artists and arts professionals in Arkansas. Advocacy for the museum began with endowing the Arkansas Gallery in the national museum’s Elisabeth Kasser Wing and has continued with a 25th anniversary gift of $25,000 to the museum that supported the museum’s exhibit of historic quilts titled Workt by Hand: Hidden Labor.

Advocacy for Arkansas women artists is accomplished through four ongoing programs. ACNMWA initiated the Artist Award in 1995 to support new creative work and the College Internship stipend in 1999 to encourage educational excellence in the arts. It has sponsored guest-curated art exhibitions independently in the state since 1991, and through its affiliation with the national museum’s biennial competitive Women to Watch since 2008.  ACNMWA is the only affiliate of NMWA that travels a statewide exhibit of work by its national nominees. Over the course of five Women to Watch tours, twenty-seven women artists have garnered increased direct and online visibility and press. Beginning in 2015, ACNMWA established the state’s first biennially-curated online artist registry for Arkansas women artists. Guest curators Manuela Well-Off Man, Les Christensen, Rana Edgar and Courtney Taylor have selected over thirty-five different Arkansas women artists for the online feature in just four years.

Go to Exhibits & Events, and Opportunities to learn more about the ways ACNMWA programming benefits Arkansas women artists.


Join ACNMWA to support and promote Arkansas women artists and the programs of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

2019 Board of Directors

  • Jaquita Ball,
    Executive Committee, Bentonville
  • Terrye Brosh,
    Bella Vista
  • Ann Ballard Bryan,
    Little Rock
  • Kellie Cobb,
    Fort Smith
  • Virmarie DePoyster,
    North Little Rock
  • Maribeth Frazer,
  • Rachel Golden,
    Little Rock
  • Adrienne Hanna,
    Treasurer, Fort Smith
  • Cindy Jordan Isch,
  • Debra Jackson,
  • Elizabeth Cooley Paris,
    Executive Committee, Fort Smith
  • Mary Lynn Reese,
    Vice president, Rogers
  • Elgenia Ross,
  • Kitty Rubenstein,
    Pine Bluff
  • Barbara Satterfield,
    President, Conway
  • Claudia Shannon,
  • Esther Silver-Parker,
  • Sue Plattner Smith,
    Fort Smith
  • Anna Swaim,
    Little Rock
  • MaryRoss Taylor,
    Secretary, Pine Bluff
  • Ann Turney,
    Executive Committee, Conway
  • Tela Arrington Webb,
    El Dorado

Past Presidents

  • Helen Walton 1989-1991
  • Dorine Deacon 1992-1993
  • Betty Faust 1994-1996
  • Linda Palmer 1997-1998
  • Joey Halinski 1999-2000
  • Linda Sue Sanders 2001-2002
  • Mary Lou Wommack 2003-2004
  • Cindy J. Davis 2005-2006
  • Ellon Cockrill 2007-2008
  • Mary Ellen Warner 2009-2010
  • Sheree Niece 2011-2012
  • Marta Jones 2013-2014
  • Mary Beth Frazer 2015-2016
  • Dabney Pelton 2017-2018
  • Barbara Satterfield 2019-2020

Honorary Members

  • First Lady Susan Hutchinson,
    Little Rock
  • Elizabeth Bradley,
  • Laura Bryan Curtner,
    Little Rock
  • Molly Harsh Burns,
  • Ellon Cockrill,
    Little Rock
  • Mary Cooper,
    Fort Smith
  • Anita Anthony Davis,
    Little Rock
  • Dorine Deacon,
  • Debbie Evans,
  • Nancy S. Farrell,
  • Denise Garner,
  • Conley Lord Golden,
    Little Rock
  • Joey Halinski,
    Vicksburg MS
  • Tammy Harrington,
  • Betty Jo Hays,
    Texarkana TX
  • Alice Honea,
  • Charlott Jones,
  • Marta Jones,
    Fort Smith
  • Dolores Justus,
    Hot Springs
  • Maggie Malloy,
    Fort Smith
  • Kate Maurras,
    Fort Smith
  • Shannon D. Mitchell,
  • Julia Peck Mobley,
  • Linda W. Palmer,
    Hot Springs
  • Lynn Parker,
    Little Rock
  • Dabney Pelton,
    Pine bluff
  • Stephanie Qualls,
    Murfreesboro TN
  • Bess Sanders,
    Hot Springs
  • Mary Ann Shula,v Miami Beach FL
  • Sharron Smith,
  • Brooke Tappan,
  • Deborah Dunklin Tipton,
    Memphis TN
  • Linda Udouj,
    Fort Smith
  • Sharon Wasson,
    Siloam Springs
  • Mary Lib White,
  • Katherine Wildy,
  • Pamela Yantis,
    Fort Smith

In Memoriam

  • Virginia Bailey 1925-2003 National Advisory Board
    Little Rock
  • Martha Murray 1923-2003 Founder
  • Polly Wood Crews 1929-2006 Arkansas Committee Board
    Fort Smith
  • Elisabeth Dunklin 1917-2007 Founder
    Pine Bluff
  • Judy Rinke 1944-2008 Founder
    Coal Hill
  • Helen Robson Walton
    Ark. Committee Founder – Bentonville
    President of Ark. Committee 1989-1991
    National Advisory Board
    Arkansas Gallery and Arkansas 50 1997
  • Patrice Fields
    Founder – Rogers
  • Mary Lou Wommack
    Arkansas Committee Board – Fayetteville
  • Elizabeth J.Pruet
    Founder – El Dorado
    National Advisory Board Member
  • Madalyn “Mimi” Dortch
    Founder – Scott
  • Kay Trumbo